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We don’t just provide you accredited education, we provide you direction from the start, certificate your achievements with CPD and then help fund your trading career.

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IYF Trading is a revolutionary leading online trading educator, founded in 2016. IYF is powered by its community members all on the same path to success, following IYF's highly tested & refined methodology.

CPD 'Continuing Professional Development' is a globally recognised qualification & accreditation respected across all professional industries. Our courses are CPD accredited and as a provider we are PTE accredited.

The PTE accreditation recognises professional training and learning providers that offer high quality training provision.
This accreditation highlights and acknowledges the quality and calibre of the training and learning programmes that IYF Trading delivers, internally or externally.

We use Trustpilot as our third party review service so our community members can share their honest experience with us! We have maintained a 5* Trust score since inception in 2018.

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Seize the opportunity to become a funded trader within 12 months by following the footsteps on our ‘Traders process’ page. The traders process is a combination of our unique traders resources we have developed over the past 4 years.

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Over the past 4 years, we have continually added to our traders resources. We provide a mixture of theoretical & practical accredited educational courses, as well as weekly practical educational content based on the live markets. As an IYF community member, you will gain full access to all of our Traders resources.

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