As an IYF community member, you will receive access to all of our trading resources listed below. Our traders’ resources have been created by IYF traders that you’ll be networking with in the community!

Resource 1

IYF’s Forex Foundations Course

The IYF forex foundation course was designed to cover every aspect of FX Trading. This professionally recorded course logically walks members through all theoretical & mechanical aspects to consider when deciding what trader you’re going to be.

  • 12 professionally recorded modules covering all aspects of the FX markets.
  • Access to over 80 individual training videos focused on different topics.
  • A comprehensive full introduction to trading the FX markets.
  • Years worth of expertise & learning compressed.

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Resource 2

The IYF Strategy Series

Our accredited IYF Strategy Series really is the language within our community of aspiring traders. Over the years, IYF have created 2 highly regarded trading strategies, the Low Risk Continuation strategy (LRC), and the Reversal Breakout Strategy (RBO). During this series, we detail the mechanics of both strategies and practically apply the strategies to the market.

  • Series 1 An introduction to using our proven trading strategies.
  • Series 2 A breakdown explaining what makes you different to every other trader.
  • Series 3 Practical application of our highly successful RBO & LRC trading strategies.
  • Over 5 hours of practical content.
  • 22 practical videos explaining every aspect of our strategies.
  • 2 winning strategies outlined.

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Resource 3

Complete Guide to Forex Trading

Our accredited complete guide to forex trading course really is the bread and butter behind every successful funded IYF trader. During this course, every theoretical aspect considered when trading forex successfully is broken down and backed by clear written examples.

  • 12 chapters covering every important theoretical model behind a successful FX trader.
  • Professionally written & designed modules.
  • Tons of practical examples.
  • Over 100 pages of content.

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Resource 4

Elevate Course

It’s time to elevate your mind with our Psychology & Personal Development Course providing you with knowledge and insights to maintaining peak performance. Psychology is arguably the most important art to master when becoming a self-sufficient trader, and this course will certainly help you build an unbreakable mindset.

  • 10 highly in-depth psychology lessons helping you become ‘the trader’
  • Over 5 hours of valuable personal development content.
  • Traders winning mindset explained.
  • All the information you need in order to not only improve your trading, but also your life.

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Resource 5

Live Webinars

As an IYF community member you will have access to our live webinars performed by a variety of expert traders. We believe that diversity can help traders develop by looking at different perspectives. We aim to cover an array of trading topics during our webinars, with a heavy focus on market breakdowns & traders mindset.

  • Weekly live events hosted by a variety of different experienced traders.
  • A focus on providing diversity to practical education.
  • An array of differing trading topics covered.

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Resource 6

Market Breakdown Videos

Our weekly market breakdowns are crucial for all IYF members. In our breakdowns, we provide a full fundamental and technical report on G10 & requested currency pairings from our community. Markets change, and therefore having a practical breakdown based on current market conditions is key.

  • Potential trade setups for the week ahead outlined.
  • Full fundamental and technical report on G10 currency pairings.
  • Full analysis on current running positions requested by members in the community.

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Resource 7

Weekly Market Watchlists

Our community weekly watchlists focus on detailing potential trade setups in the week ahead, perfectly analysed based on our LRC & RBO trading strategies. The watchlists help guide members towards the currency pairings that highlight as potentially profitable in the week ahead. As well as this, a full fundamental breakdown.

  • Weekly informative document outlining potential trade setups arising in the week ahead.
  • 10 trading setups for the up and coming trading week.
  • Expert analysis on multiple currencies based on the IYF strategies (LRC + RBO).
  • High detail analysis outlining what will affect the markets in the week ahead (fundamentals).

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Resource 8

Smart Tips

The IYF smart tips series is a combination of multiple short snappy videos practically teaching tips & tricks successful FX traders adapt. We produced smart tips as an answer for all frequently asked questions within our community. We regularly add new content to our smart tips series based on questions asked in our community.

  • Practical short snappy video’s outlining key trading terminology.
  • Quick trading tips for retail traders.
  • Short snappy content solving a combination of frequently asked questions.

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