The Improve Your Future Team

Jake Lee


Jake set Improve Your Future Trading up three years ago with two main goals. The first one was to give all individuals the opportunity to learn to trade the right way and become successful home traders. And the second was to create the home of online trading, where everything a new trader needs to become successful is all on the IYF website.

Dylan Lee

Business Development Director

Dylan has seen IYF grow and has always been involved in the development of new business from the start. He understands the goals and objectives of the firm and helps towards achieving these on a daily basis. Since being full time, Dylan has helped improve customer service dramatically and build further structure to the company.

Hollie Bennett

Head of Client Management

We strive to help our large client database as much as possible. Hollie is the head of client management, therefore she assists all clients with any questions and problems they may have. Hollie has always worked within the customer service industry, but wanted a change in her career to start helping individuals start and continue their trading careers successfully!

Samuel Cox

Business Development Associate

Samuel has recently joined the IYF team after completing 3 years in Dubai as a real estate broker. The client management skills adopted by Samuel from his 3 years in Dubai has made it easy for him to quickly help clients and become huge asset to IYF Trading.

Joshua Wisson

Business Development Associate

Joshua has demonstrated a high level of entrepreneurship after solely running a company successfully for the best part of 2018. His powerful work ethic, smart thinking and strong communication skills have made Joshua a very important part of the IYF Trading team.

Tyla Newstead

Business Development Associate

Tyla has been trading the financial markets for the last 6 months and wanted to pursue his career by helping others start trading successfully online! His bubbly personality and willingness to help new traders find success out of the markets makes him a great addition to the IYF team.

Maxwell Baker

Business Development Associate

Max is a great addition to the team as he is a forex trader on a day to day basis. Max has joined IYF with the ambition to share his wealth of knowledge with new clients to help them prosper by trading the forex markets.

Harry Bishop

Business Development Associate

Harry has put his University degree on hold for the chance to work with us at IYF Trading! Harry provides great value to clients by helping them start their trading careers successfully, and of course fully believes in the company's goals and objectives for the future! Harry is a hardworking individual who wishes to thrive and make a name for himself within the financial industry. Harry achieved elite status when working for Enterprise cars, making him a good addition to the IYF team.

Danny Chapman

Business Development Associate

Danny has always worked within the client services industry which made him the perfect fit for this role as his daily activities involve simply helping clients set up their trading careers and finding success within the financial markets industry. Check out our Trustpilot to see clients comments on Danny's great customer service!

Ollie Maine

Events Manager

Ollie founded his passion in events management during his time at University. After launching a few successful events, and learning to trade through IYF's website, it was time to take a step into the corporate world and set up the new live trading seminars and opportunity evenings IYF are going to be rolling out.

Alex Kaye


Alex started his business career 25 years ago straight after finishing school. Alex dived into the technology industry and has since created a global technology company that has over 5,000 employees and operates in a number of countries, the main ones being the UK and the US. His business experience and bank of technological knowledge has helped IYF grow sustainably and prepare for the future.

Joel Morris

Business Partner

Joel, commonly known as ‘JMX’ found fame as he grew his youtube following to 2.5 million subscribers. Joel is a keen entrepreneur who has recently invested in new internet age companies, and the main one being Improve Your Future Trading. Joel’s main role in the company is to head marketing and to really get the IYF movement out there!

Meet our Expert traders

Billy Hilton

Billy has been trading in the FX market for over 5 years and will be sharing his strategy and perspectives on the market having gained a wealth of knowledge over the years.

Danyal Khan

Danyal founded his passion for trading when he worked for Bloomberg. Following this, Danyal became a full time independent trader!

Dat Tong

Dat Tong is the top author of Tradingview one of the biggest social trading platforms. With more than 20,000 followers from all of his channels, Dat Tong is an established and well respected forex trader. He has worked in many trading firms and banks for a total of 12 years!

Gavin Seale

Gavin comes from a Stocks & shares back ground. He began managing a private share portfolio circa 2000 which is still live today. Then around 2010 Gavin entered the crazy world of Forex. He currently trades his own account on a daily basis and is known for his understanding and high volume opportunities taken off the moving averages, all part of a very unique style. Gavin is a fitness nut, has represented England at Karate and still takes part in the Iron Man challenge when he can.

Jake Lee

Jake is the founder and CEO of IYF Trading, so as you can guess he has a huge passion for trading and now has over 6 years experience. He also runs his own fund 'Young Trader LTD' (

Sam Lovland

Sam has been trading within the FX markets for +3 years. His trading style is based around price action, structure, patterns and technical analysis but one of the core foundation of my principles is psychology and understanding the reasoning behind your decision to take a trade.

Ed Hood

Ed has been running his own fund since 2015 & has seen a gain of 564.77% gross return since inception and also runs various other funds for investment companies. Ed also runs his own trading investment company called Profusion fx, and has now partnered up with IYF to share his wealth of knowledge with even more traders. With over 10 years market experience and with over 500% returns within 4 years, Ed is an amazing addition to the IYF trading team!

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