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Under the NEW TRADER and EXPERIENCED TRADER packages, you will have access to:

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Professional Training Complete Guide Book Custom unique strategies Smart Tips Series Market Analysis Videos Market Watchlist Online Crash Course Seminar

Comprehensive Professional Video Training Course

Comprehensive video training course

What's included

  • 12 modules
  • Over 80 professionally recorded videos
  • Everything you need to know to trade forex successfully
  • Years worth of expertise & learnings compressed

IYF's complete guide to forex trading

forex trading online book

What's included

  • 12 chapters covering everything you need to know to trade forex successfully
  • Professionally written
  • Practical examples
  • Over 100 pages of content.

Custom unique strategies

strategies which you can utilise

What's included

  • Series 1 - Introduction to using our proven trading strategies
  • Series 2 - What makes you different to every other trader
  • Series 3 - Time to put it all together and apply our strategies to the live market!
  • Over 5 hours of practical content
  • 22 videos from our head trader
  • 2 winning strategies outlined.

IYF's smart tip series

smart tips

What's included

  • Practical short video's outlining key trading terminology
  • Expert traders tips over years of learning
  • Short snappy content packed video series.

Expert market analysis videos

analysis videos

What's included

  • Weekly market breakdown explanations
  • Potential trades outlined
  • Full fundamental and technical report on G10 currency pairings
  • Analysis of current expert trades running.

Weekly market watchlists

market watchlists

What's included

  • Weekly informative document outlining potential trades in the week ahead
  • 10 trading setups per week
  • Expert analysis on multiple currencies
  • High detail analysis outlining what will affect the markets in the week ahead.

Forex crash course online seminar

online seminar

What's included

  • Over 25 important trading topics covered
  • Professionally recorded series in logical order starting from the very beginning
  • A real insight into forex trading
  • 2 successful strategies taught
  • Unlimited access
  • Discount for IYF members


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CPD 'Continuing Professional Development' is a globally recognised qualification & accreditation respected across all professional industries, given to leading education firms within the private sector.

The PTE accreditation recognises professional training and learning providers that offer high quality training provision.
This accreditation highlights and acknowledges the quality and calibre of the training and learning programmes that IYF Trading delivers, internally or externally.